Septic Tank Emptying and Cesspit Services

We can help you clean and maintain your septic tank so that you never encounter any kind of blockage or damage issues. We use a powerful jet vac that helps us finish the task in short amount of time. Our team has years of training and experience cleaning and maintaining septic tanks, and we can help you properly clean and maintain your tank and at the same time increase its lifespan!

Septic Tank Cleaning and Emptying

Septic tanks are used for residential and commercial purposes to temorarily store waste and they need to be cleaned frequenty in order to prevent buildup of waste and to prevent overflowing.

Septic tanks require regular cleaning and maintenance so that they can work properly and not cause any problems on your property. Most septic tank problems happen because of lack of maintenance.
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Grease Trap Cleaning

A grease trap is placed inside of the drain or drainage system in order to filter out grease, oil and fats from the water. With proper use of the grease trap, your waste managment system would be clear from all the fat, oil and grease that goes through your drains. But in order to work properly, grease trap needs to be properly cleaned and maintained, otherwise it will start to cause severe problems in your whole waste management system. We inspect and then decide what is the best solution for any kind of work that we do.

Septic Tank Installation and Repair

We can help you identify the ideal location where the septic tank should be installed based on many factors that we’ve established over the years while installing and maintainng septic tanks. We can help you decide which size of septic tank you should buy as well.



KTCivils Drain Services can help you repair your septic tank. Call our company for free consultation if you are facing any problem with clogged drains, overflowing water, bad odors or if you just want to increase the lifespan of your septic system.

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