Domestic Drain Repair and Relining

Domestic drains often get weaker as the time passes by. Drain pipes start to crack and break in your sewer system which causes many other issues on your property. If simple damaged drain is not fixed as soon as possible, it can cause far more damage in your entire domestic drainage system. Simple, small crack in drain can cause flooding, leaks, structural damage which will cause more damage to your property, and it will take more time to fix.

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Often times, when a tree roots are located near your drainage system lines, they can put pressure on your drains and cause the damage to your pipes. – Tree root intrusion. If drain problem is large, sometimes it will even require you to do digging in your property to fix the problem.


Sometimes it is hard to spot the signs of damaged drains and pipework on your property. You might spot bad smell, but the damage itself is not easy to spot because it usually happens in the interior walls of drain pipe which makes it hard to detect.


This is why any kind of damage with drains is so dangerous, even a small drain blockage can cause huge problems down the road if it’s not fixed on time.


This is why drain inspection is becoming more and more popular in households. Drain inspection can help you find out any potential issues in your sewer system and tell you the best way to fix it.

Years of Experience Repairing Drains

KTCivils has a team of experienced drainage engineers with years of training, learning and experience behind them. We always make sure to treat both domestic and commercial customer as our highest priority. Over the years we have developed various methods which we use to deliver high-quality, responsive, cost effective and reliable drain repair service. We can help you repair or renovate your drain and help you prevent any potential issues from happening on your property.

  • Drain leaks
  • Blocked Drains
  • Collapsed drain pipes
  • Slow drain flow
  • Damaged drain
  • Broken drain
  • Corroded drain
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Many more

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Blocked Drains and Drain Cleaning

Sometimes the problems like bad smell, etc. often happen because of the drain blockage on your property. In this case the process would be far simpler, and it will be easier to fix your drain issue. We carry out drain unblocking, drain cleaning and drain jetting services across the entire East Midlands and Derby. Our team of drainage specialists can help you unblock your drain the same day you schedule an appointment with KTCivils.

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We are always here for you! We even feature same-day service where our engineery come at your property the same day after scheduling an appointment. We can help you fix any kind of drainage problems like:

  • Drain leakage
  • Blocked drains
  • Collapsed drain pipes
  • Slow drain flow
  • Damaged or broken drain
  • Corroded drain
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Many others